Mr Hurley Solar Panel Installation Walton Chesterfield


We visited one of our first solar customers to hear what he had to say about the solar panels on his home in Walton Chesterfield. Do they work as well as we said they would? Watch the video below to find out.


Mr Hurley wanted an extra income during his retirement to help pay for holidays. He decided to invest in solar and chose Eco Logic to install the system.

With SolarWorld panels and an SMA inverter, both made in Germany, Mr Hurley’s system is consistently performing far beyond expectations.

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Mr Harrison 4kW Solar Panel Installation in Wadshelf Chesterfield


When a neighbour had solar panels installed, Mr Harrison from Wadshelf on the outskirts of Chesterfield was curious to know what the financial benefits of solar would be to him. After a survey Eco Logic put together a detailed proposal with all the facts and figures needed to make an informed decision. See what Mr Harrison said about using Eco Logic in the video below.


Mr Harrison was keen to have black solar panels as they were to be installed on the front of his house facing a main road. Eco Logic specified German-made SolarWorld mono crystalline all black panels well known for their quality and durability. The inverter was also manufactured in Germany by market-leading company SMA.

The system will provide a return of more than £800 per year from Government Feed-in Tariff incentive scheme payments and energy bill savings.

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Mr Shepherd 4kW Solar Panel Installation Hasland Chesterfield


Mr Shepherd asked Eco Logic to show him how solar panels would perform on his home in Hasland Chesterfield, so we visited to assess his needs and take roof measurements. This allowed us to design a system best suited to him and provide an accurate illustration of how much money the system will earn through the Feed-in Tariff scheme and the likely savings on energy bills. Watch the video below to see what Mr Shepherd had to say about us.


Mr Shepherd’s brief was simple; He wanted high quality equipment. To achieve as close to 4kW as possible on the available roof space, Eco Logic specified 285 watt panels by home electronics giants LG. 14 panels produced a system size of 3.99kW.

Although there is no shading on his roof, Mr Shepherd liked the benefits of Enphase Energy’s microinverters. With sophisticated monitoring via any internet enabled device, increased system performance and a 20 year warranty, the advantages of Enphase microinverters are clear.

Eco Logic also fitted a Solar iBoost device that detects when surplus solar energy is being exported to the grid and redirects it to the hot water immersion heater. This device reduces the amount of energy – gas or electricity – bought-in to heat hot water in the home. It does not effect Feed-in Tariff payments and allows Mr Shepherd to extract greater benefit from his solar panel installation.


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