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Eco Logic Electrical Services has electricians working in homes and businesses across Chesterfield and the surrounding areas of Derbyshire. From electrical rewiring to fuse board upgrades, CCTV installation and electrical testing.

Our electricians are reliable, friendly, and polite. We have worked in thousands of properties in and around Chesterfield and treat them all with care and respect. Eco Logic’s electricians always keep a clean and tidy workspace and leave without a trace.

House Rewires

Commercial electrical testing

Whether it is time for a house rewire or you are remodelling your home, Eco Logic can work to drawings or design the electrical and lighting layout for you. Our experience in the industry means we can easily recommend fittings and lighting products that are safe and reliable. Why not reduce your running costs after the electrical rewiring with energy efficient lighting?
We can help with that too.

Fuse board upgrade

Fuse box testing chesterfield

Stay safe and compliant with a fuse board upgrade. Many homes have fuse boards decades old that don’t offer sufficient protection from electric shock or fire. Upgrading your fuse board will also reduce the likelihood of the lights going out or a power failure that causes the loss of your freezer contents – which in turn can cause damage to flooring and furniture, potentially costing thousands of pounds to replace.


cctv installation chesterfield

Protect your home and business from intruders by installing the latest CCTV technology. Eco Logic supply and install single and multi-camera CCTV systems with digital recording, remote camera access and infrared technology to produce images good enough to prosecute whether it is day or night. Whether at home or if you are away you can rest easy that your property is protected.

Commercial Testing

Commercial electrical testing

Electrical testing of the fixed wiring in commercial premises is required every 5 years, and every 3 years for industrial premises. A routine check must also be performed annually by an electrician. Usually a percentage of the circuits are tested every year. This helps spread the cost and reduces the likelihood of problems and disruptive power-outs.

Testing for Homes

electrical testing for homes

To ensure the fixed wiring in your home is safe and there are no problems that could cause fire or fault you must have it tested every 10 years, or when there is a change of occupancy. Your home insurance will not pay out in the event of a fire caused by the fixed wiring if it has not been tested in the last 10 years. Keep your family safe and your insurance valid by booking your electrical testing today.

Solar Power

Chesterfield solar panel installation

Solar power will reduce your energy bills, pay an income through the Government Feed-in Tariff scheme, and provide protection from the rising cost of energy for many years to come. Why leave your money in the bank earning low interest or risk losing it on stocks and shares when you can invest safely in your own renewable energy source and earn over 10% annually tax-free with solar?