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Installing solar panels reduces energy bills, provides a tax-free income through the Government Feed-in Tariff incentive scheme, and protection from rising energy prices. With a return on investment far greater than any bank or ISA, installing solar panels has never been more popular.


Save money on your energy bills

By using the electricity generated by solar panels in your home you will buy less energy from your supplier, making your utility bills cheaper .

Save money on your energy bills

Get paid to generate electricity

The solar power the panels make is recorded on a generation meter similar to your electricity supply meter. You are paid for each unit of electricity your solar panels generate through the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme. There is also a payment for electricity exported to the grid. Payments are guaranteed for 20 years, index-linked and tax-free to individuals.

Protection from soaring energy pricesSolar power – Protect against the soaring price of energy

As you will be buying less electricity from your energy supplier, the effect of rising energy prices is reduced with solar panels fitted on your home. As energy prices increase, the monetary value of this protection grows too.

Solar panels and how they work

The panels collect light energy and convert it into electricity to use in your home. Each watt of electricity you don’t use is exported to the grid or it can be stored in batteries for use later.

Invest in renewable energy

Why leave your money in the bank earning low interest or risk losing it on stocks and shares when you can invest in solar panels? Renewable energy solutions such as solar, are a great way of making your money work for you, providing an annual return of over 10% tax-free.

How will solar power work for you?

There are hundreds of solar panel manufacturers and we have seen many of them come and go in the four years we have been installing solar here at Eco Logic. Consequently we only install solar panel products produced by the best companies in the industry, including electronics giants LG and Panasonic, and solar panel veterans SolarWorld. All companies that make the most efficient, best performing and robust panels on the market, and who will be around long enough to provide customer support should the need arise. Everything you need to ensure your investment in solar panels produces the greatest financial return possible.

At Eco Logic we make investing in solar simple and transparent, with the best service levels the industry has to offer. We have helped customers throughout Chesterfield and the Peak District save money on their energy bills and earn an income by installing the best quality equipment available.

Let Eco Logic help you access the Government’s Feed-in Tariff incentive scheme before it’s too late.

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